Megan Wells

Award Winning Actor/Director & Storytelling Humorist

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  • Storyteller
  • Teaching Artist
Award Winning Storytelling Educator, Megan Wells

Megan Wells

Programs for all ages. Ideal for schools, museums, corporations, libraries, festivals, community and much more!

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Meet Megan Wells

About Megan

Megan Wells’s storytelling is both charming and mesmerizing — a delicious combination of storytelling warmth with the emotional dynamics of great theater. Trained as an Actress, Megan discovered the art of Storytelling twenty two years ago at the National Festival in Jonesborough. Rafe Martin advised her, “Find stories you love and tell them.” So. She did.

Megan has won three national awards as a solo artist, storyteller and theater director. She has been touring her storytelling and original performances for twenty two years — one woman shows and story programs from world myth, folktale, literature, history and personal experience.

Megan is beloved for her precision of language, wisdom of insight, and riveting character portrayals. Her most popular programs include: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, Scheherazade, Ray Bradbury’s works, the Trojan War and historical enactments of composer’s wives and lovers. Whether she is performing on stage at National Festivals or telling folktales to children at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Megan’s charisma creates an unforgettable experience of story.

2015-16 Offerings:


Storytelling Shows

Megan in Costume

45, 60 Or 90 Minutes - Customized To Audience Age And Venue. With Or Without Costume And Simple Set.


A tour-de-force, one-woman performance of the original novel.

The vampire story that shocked the world! Experience the gothic thrill of Bram Stoker’s masterpiece by actress and storyteller Megan Wells’ in her powerful and elegantly horrific one-woman show. Winner of the Chicago theatre community’s prestigious Joseph Jefferson Award, storyteller Megan Wells is a master of the long form storytelling genre and, in the telling of DRACULA, she crafts a chilling performance.

You'll see Mina Harker not as a victim, but as a heroine who understands that we are, each of us, one bite away from the Vampire Hunger.

Megan Wells combines the worlds of theater, writing, and storytelling. As a national award-winning Story Performer, Megan has been touring her epic story experiences while continuing to explore the gifts of story within the theater arts. Megan seeks to engage the dynamic gifts of theater with the imaginal intimacy unique to oral narrative

Wings Of Love
From the greco-roman myth of psyche and eros.
Helen’s Troy
The Mythic/Historic Trojan War.
Mozart’s Sister
Maria Anna Mozart Telling Her Family Story.
Maura’s Eyes
An Irish Girl's Experience Of Ellis Island.
Set In Sweden As a Myth Of The Midnight Sun.
A storyteller heals her king with stories of arabian nights.
The Speckled Band
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s favorite Sherlock Holmes story as told by Helen Stoner, the main female character.
Daisy’s Gatsby
If Daisy Buchanan had written the tale.
Saint And Sultan
St. Francis Meets The Sultan Of Egypt During The Fifth Crusade.
According To Magdalene
The Journey From Thursday To Sunday.
The Riddle Quest
The Arthurian Loathly Lady Found In The Canterbury Tales.

Folktales, Fairytales, Myths, Legends

Any Length, Any Age -- Customized To Audience And Venue.

  • Greco/Roman:
    The First Winter
    Myth Of Demeter And Persephone.
    Myth Of Perseus And The Snake Headed Monster.
    King Midas
    Myth Of An Over-Reaching King.
    Apollo And Phaeton
    Myth Of An Over-Reaching Son.
    Theseus And The Minotaur
    Myth Of a Warrior Becoming Wise.
    Pygmalion: Myth Of Wanting
    When a Sculptor Tempts Perfection.
  • Celtic / Arthurian:
    Carodoc Of The Withered Arm
    How Carodoc Meets a Sorcerer's Challenge
    Tir Na Nog
    Oisin Son Of Finn And The Land Of Youth
    Bog Moon
    When The Moon Walked The Bog.
    The Stolen Bairn
    Three Gifts To Win The Queen Of Fairies.
    Hudden And Dudden
    Two Brothers And One Bowl Of Berries.
    Sealskin Soulskin
    Up From The Water And Back Again.
  • English/German/French/Italian:
    Hansel And Gretel
    What a Witch Must Eat.
    a Variant Of Cinderella
    Grimm's Cinderella
    Another Cinder Girl And Her Mother's Doves
    An Italian Rapunzel Of Pomegranates And Chocolate
    The King's Wolf
    A Variant Of The Werewolf Tradition.
  • Polish/Russian/Turkish:
    Jan And The Snake King's Crown
    Be Careful What You Wish For.
    The Frog Princess
    Three Sons, Three Arrows, Two Wives And a Frog.
    Sitting By The River Brushing Her Long Hair.
    Why Fox Has White Paws
    Oh That Scroungy, Messy Fox.
    The Mirror, Carpet And a Lemon
    When The Princess Shrivels From Grief.
    Morgiana's Dance
    From Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves
  • Scandinavian:
    Fox And Bear
    One Up, One Down, On And On.
    Straw To Gold And Hidden Names.
    Billy Goat's Gruff
    Trip-Trap, Trip-Trap, Trip-Trap
  • Mexican/South American/Native American/Inuit:
    "…What a Wonderful Smell," Thought Fox.
    Rabbit And Jaguar
    Which Is The Boss?
    Raven And Whale
    When The Lamp Goes Out.
    Bending Willow
    When The Young Girl Finds Clean Water.
    When Great Mystery Cured Tears.
    Skeleton Woman
    Puzzling The Broken Journey Of Love
    First Flute
    The Gentle Spirit Of Beauty.

Programs from literary sources

Megan with book

45, 60, 90 Minutes Programs Customized To Audience Age And Venue

Wizard Of Oz
By l. Frank Baum
Alice In Wonderland
By Lewis Caroll
The Canterville Ghost
By Oscar Wilde
Fisherman And His Soul
By Oscar Wilde
Dr. Jekyl And Mr. Hyde
By Robert Louis Stevenson
By Charles Dickens
The Ugly Duckling
By Hans Christian Anderson
Mr. Ice Cold
By Gahan WilsonBaum

Ray Bradbury Stories


Single Stories Or a Full Program For Teen And Adult Audiences; as Artistic Director of the Ray Bradbury Storytelling Festival I have been granted rights to tell his work.

Dandelion Wine
The Lonely One, Lime Vanilla Ice, Alive!, Cream Sponge Para-Lightfoot Tennis Shoes, Statues, Time Machine
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Mr. Dark, The Dust Witch
Other Shorts
Bless Me Father, The Screaming Woman, Death And The Maiden

Personal And True Stories


Single Stories Or Full Program Customized To Audience Age And Venue

Thom's Dream
A Friend Has a Visionary Dream
An Elephant Comes Home
a Mouse In The House
Mountain Stars
Family Vacation, 1968
Clam Chowder
A Martha's Vineyard Anniversary
Explaining The Birds And The Bees
You Don't Need Much
Papa's Advice
Falling In Love On The Wing
Step On a Crack
You'll Break Your Mother's Back
An Owl Wing And An Apple Tree
A Long Way Home Again
Red Boot
The Great Chicago Snowstorm Of 1967
Eloping To A Field Of Sunflowers
In The Cave
What Forgiveness Can Do
Rabbits And Tulips
And Then There Was Hannah
What I Can't Get Out Of My Head
The Lord's Wife
Oh, She, With The Long, Long Hair

Ghost And Halloween Stories

Megan (Looking Scary?)

Customized To Audience Age And Venue

Lavinia Nebbs
Through The Midnight Ravine.
The Derelict
a Mysterious Ship Of Mould.
Mr. Ice Cold
Here Comes The Ice Cream Man.
Marley's Murderers
All Night In The Wax Museum.
Skeleton Woman
She's Insatiable.
Dr. Jekyl And Mr. Hyde
What Lurks Beneath The Surface.
Queen Morgause
Boiling The Cat.
Sister Catherine Mary
What Happened In The Churchyard.
Monkey's Paw
Be Careful What You Wish For.

Biblical Stories

Megan Wells Image

Single Stories For Worship Or Religious Education Programs

  • Esther
  • The Samaritan Woman
  • Joseph's Nativity
  • Mary's Joy
  • The Woman At The Well
  • Priscilla And The Early Church
  • Paul's Conversion
  • Noah
  • The Last Supper
  • Mary Magdalene

Story And Song: With Songwriter Amy Lowe

Megan with Amy Lowe

45 To 60 Minutes Story Programs With Music — Great For Schools, Club, Libraries And Historical Societies

Fire In Boomtown
… A Story/Musical About The Great Chicago Fire Of 1871 Parent’s Choice Best 25 Of 25 Years, 2005; Parent’s Choice Gold, 1999; The Association Of Educational Publishers (Ed Press) Distinguished Achievement, 1999
All Aboard!
… a Story/Musical About The Transcontinental Railroad.
Island Of Hope
… a Story/Musical About The Ellis Island Experience.

Story Collaborations

Megan with book

Customized To Audience And Venue

Lime Vanilla Ice
With Storyteller Jim May
With Storyteller Jim Pfitzer
Song Of Dupage
With the Glen Ellyn’s Children’s Chorus
With Storyteller Loren Niemi
Nordic Wolf
With Chicago a cappela

Composers And Their Lovers

Megan with book

With Pianist Chris Garofalo

60 Minute Programs - Requires a Piano At Venue. Historical Characters Can Include a Q&A With Character (In Costume With Simple Set) With Or Without Costume And Simple Set

Mozart's Sister
Maria Anna Mozart Tells The Story Of Her Family
On Loving Robert
Clara Schumann Confides a Very Difficult Decision.
Leaving Chopin
George Sand Describes And Defends Her Romance.
The Hands Of Liszt
Princess Caroline Was Never Allowed To Marry Her Franz.
Two Shots To The Breast
Lilly Texier Was So Madly In Love With Claude Debussy.

Historical Characters

Megan with book

In Costume With Simple Set - Can Include a Q&A With Character

Eleanor Roosevelt
On Discovering How To Be Useful
Hilary Clinton
Speech At The Un Women’s Conference In Beijing
Juliette Low
The Formation Of The Girlscouts
The Key To Healing a King.
(See Composer's Lovers In The Category Above.)