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Explore the many facets of Sherry Norfolk:

All About Sherry
An internationally acclaimed performer, consultant, teaching artist, workshop leader, and keynote speaker, Sherry captures the imagination of audiences of all ages with her magical storytelling skills. Her telling style is distinctly her own, full of rhythm, motion, multiple voices, and opportunities for interactive participation, breathing life into her rich repertoire of folktales from around the world. (…more)
Storytelling Performances
Sherry's storytelling is rhythmic and melodic,animated and exuberant,enlivened by a multiplicity of voices and sounds. A professional storyteller since 1981, she tells in libraries, schools, museums and festivals all over the United States. No matter the age of the listener, Sherry's storytelling is vivid and enticing (…more)
In-school Assembly Programs, Workshops, and Residencies
Stories provoke curiosity and wonder... curiosity and wonder evoke learning. Sherry's assembly programs, workshops, and residencies all open enticing gateways into the power of story in education. (…more)
Staff Development Workshops & Residencies
Storytelling is a power tool for educators. Sherry Norfolk offers a wide variety of highly successful staff development opportunities for educators in schools, libraries, and our nation's parks. (…more)
Conference Presenter & Keynote Speaker
Sherry Norfolk is a sought-after conference presenter whose dynamic and enthusiastic style energizes and inspires her audiences. She is a popular Keynote Speaker for professional association conferences throughout the United States.(…more)
Literacy Programs
Sherry Norfolk helps teachers, librarians and parents discover how to take advantage of the important relationship between storytelling and literacy. Her extensive experience in designing and implementing award-winning emergent and family literacy programs provides the foundation for inspiring, creative workshops and projects(…more)
Dynamic Duo
Sherry Norfolk joins husband Bobby Norfolk, a renowned storyteller in his own right, for a variety of collaborative programs that entertain and enlighten (…more)
Storytelling Resources
Book, tape, and CD based media that teacher, parents, and storytellers can use to enhance their personal and professional lives...(…more)