Randel McGee

Award Winning Puppeteer, Ventriloquist, Storyteller, and Teaching Artist!

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Randel Mcgee and Groark

Randel McGee

Ventriloquist, Storyteller, and Teaching Artist!

Randel McGee is a versatile writer and entertainer with over 30 years of professional experience. Randel has had extensive experience touring schools, libraries, special events, puppetry/ ventriloquism/ storytelling festivals across the USA and Asia. His comedy-ventriloquism act of Randel McGee and Groark (the dragon) is very popular with family audiences around the world. He has produced 2 series of character education videos used in English and Spanish speaking schools. His storytelling portrayal of Hans Christian Andersen is a favorite with audiences of all ages and he has presented at conferences about H.C. Andersen's life and influences. He has served as a consultant and workshop director for educators from pre-school to university level and different art organizations. He is an author and illustrator with 12 books of holiday paper craft projects for children with Enslow Publishers, Inc and illustrations in magazines and event programs. He designs and builds puppets. He would enjoy sharing his performances at your special event or create a special art piece for your home or publication.


Paper and Scissors ROCK!

General School Assemblies (approx. 45 min.) and Classroom Visits (approx. 75 min.)

Randel McGee combines storytelling and paper crafting into a fun and intriguing program that engages peoples' minds and inspires their imaginations. While telling a story, Randel's hands are intriguingly snipping paper with scissors. At the end of the tale, the audience gasps in amazement as the paper is unfolded to reveal an elaborate illustration or figure from the story they have just heard. A quick demonstration is given on how to produce a simple paper craft project. (In-class demonstrations include making one item.) Materials lists, patterns, and study guides are provided beforehand.

Several themes are available: Holidays (Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Christmas, Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day) and Folk Tales (How to Trick a Troll Show, You can learn a lot from a Bug!)

Hans Christian Andersen: The Man and his Tales
In costume as Hans Anderson

General School Assemblies (approx. 45 min.)

There was once a storyteller who captivated his audiences with his wonderful stories about fantastic creatures and characters. He held them spellbound as he snipped elaborate designs with long scissors from a sheet of paper as he told his tales. His stories became popular all around the world. His name was Hans Christian Andersen.

What was it like to hear H.C. Andersen himself tell his wonderful tales?

Now audiences around the world can have the experience of hearing Andersen's lively tales, told as he would tell them: with humorous comments, lively actions, different voices, and amazing cut paper designs made as the stories unfold. Randel McGee portrays Andersen in period costume, with a convincing and consistent accent, and while making amazing paper-cut designs.

Randel McGee & Groark the Dragon
with Groark

General School Assemblies (approx. 45 min.)

”Randel McGee & Groark“ are an internationally acclaimed comedy storytelling duo! Their shows are a lively combination of fast-paced comedy, hilarious storytelling, and memorable melodies that literally have people laughing for days! They leave their audiences at storytelling festivals, libraries, schools, conventions and corporate events all clamoring for more! Randel and Groark can perform bilingually in Spanish, French, Dutch, and Japanese. They have had 5 tours to Japan performing their show in Japanese!

Randel McGee and Groark are the stars of 2 award-winning video series on Character Education that have been used in schools around the English speaking world. Their programs have received the Cine Golden Eagle award, Telly Awards, and the Bronze and Golden Apple Awards in Broadcast Media for outstanding achievement in children's programming.

Story Santa

There is more to Santa than a red suit and white beard!Children and Adults will feel as if they are visiting with and listening to Santa Claus himself! He seems to embody the goodwill, generosity, and merriment of this holiday. No wonder people walk away saying, “That was the REAL Santa!” ( And we guarantee that our Santa is as real as Santa can be!)

When Santa tells his stories, every mother's child listens wide-eyed and breathless, or giggles and laughs as the jolly old elf spins his tales.

Also available for private parties and special gift deliveries!

Solo Storyteller
Randel McGee

Even without a snarky green dragon at his side, without a Victorian costume and Danish accent, or a bright red suit and long white beard, Randel McGee is an engaging and entertaining storyteller and speaker! He specializes in folk tales, Scripture-based stories and tales of motivation and inspiration from around the world. He brings to his stories and speeches humor and humility, power and passion, insights and inspiration! He is a popular speaker for church and community events.