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An internationally acclaimed performer, consultant, teaching artist, workshop leader, and keynote speaker, 

Sherry captures the imagination of audiences of all ages with her magical storytelling skills. Her telling style is distinctly her own, full of rhythm, motion, multiple voices, and opportunities for interactive participation, breathing life into her rich repertoire of folktales from around the world.

She is an artist who can not only talk the talk but walk the walk. According to Kelli Postlethwait, Huntingdon Primary School, Huntingdon, TN, Mrs. Norfolk worked with our school as a part of the Tennessee Value Plus Art Grant. Her residency was one of the most beneficial and worthwhile residencies we have ever had at our school. Mrs. Norfolk collaborated with us and made sure that the information she provided and activities the students completed were in-line with our Tennessee curriculum standards. Our students had never written such wonderful and descriptive stories before Mrs. Norfolk came. Since her residency, the quality of writing from our students has been greatly elevated.

A professional storyteller since 1981, Sherry also offers inspiring, energizing staff development workshops which demonstrate storytelling as a power tool for educators and an engaging, motivating, curriculum-spanning activity, while professional associations find her a lively and inspiring keynote speaker.