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Teachers, Parents and Storytellers of all ages ~ You Can Order Sherry Norfolk's Storytelling Resources! 

From the beginning of time, storytelling has been the means by which cultures and societies have preserved and celebrated their memories, passed on their values and belief systems, entertained, instructed and reported. Long before there were written records, storytellers taught through the oral tradition.

Today, teachers can employ this age-old educational tool with the assurance that it still works! In fact, recent brain-based research supports intuitive belief in storytelling with empirical evidence. In Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain (Addison-Wesley, 1994), Renate and Geoffery Caine state, There is strong reason to believe that organization of information in story form is a natural brain process...We suggest that the brain research confirms that evidence and begins to explain why stories are important.

Storytelling is a power tool for education. Everything we do in the modern world is connected to story and the more adept we are at telling stories, the more connected our society will be as it relates to all forms of communication.