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Storytelling: Laying the Foundation for Literacy 

Sherry Norfolk helps teachers, librarians and parents discover how to take advantage of the important relationship between storytelling and literacy. Her extensive experience in designing and implementing award-winning emergent and family literacy programs provides the foundation for inspiring, creative workshops and projects.

Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom 
by Norfolk, Stenson, Williams.

Empirical research reveals:

The relationship of storytelling and successful children's literacy development is well established…this process [storytelling] enhanced children's development of language and logic skills.
– Cliatt & Shaw (1988)
Each study documented that storytelling enhanced literacy…Storytelling was an effective learning tool that linked literature to content and experience. 
– Mello (2001)
Storytelling is at least as effective as reading aloud for language arts development.
– Hanson (2004)

Storytelling ...

  • Builds expressive and receptive vocabulary (children will never read well if they don’t understand the meaning of words)
  • Enhances visualization skills (comprehension requires visualization)
  • Facilitates myelination of neural pathways through hearing, learning and re-telling stories
  • Broadens general knowledge (increases comprehension skills)
  • Strengthens the corpus callosum by employing both sides of the brain to make meaning
  • Provides a framework for children to learn through many modalities
  • Motivates reading by making the connection between joyful experiences and language / literature

Prior clients include the:

  • Southeastern Library Network, Inc.
  • Northeast Florida Library Network
  • Southwest Florida Library Network
  • Montgomery ( AL) School System
  • Satilla Regional Library
  • DeKalb County Schools
  • DeKalb County Public Library