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Sherry Norfolk's Literacy Workshops

Prime Time: A Family Literacy Program
Sherry is trained and experienced in the award-winning Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities / ALA Family Literacy initiative Prime Time, in which low-literacy, low-income families gather in libraries to read award-winning children's books with storytellers and scholars. Prime Time fosters high academic expectations for children and encourages parents to read and discuss books with their children.
Building Blocks to Literacy Workshop
Once Upon a Time! is the beginning of adventure — and the beginning of learning. When children hear stories, they are learning vocabulary and syntax, beginning-middle-end, and cause and effect. They are detecting patterns. They’re building brain power. And that’s only the beginning of what happens when a child hears a story! In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, teachers, parents and librarians learn how to create storytelling magic for small children — what to tell, how to tell it, why it’ll work — and what to do when all else fails!
What Struggling Readers Need and How We [parents, teachers, librarians, storytellers] Can Help: Research-Based Approaches
Recent research has provided startling and encouraging new insights into how to develop proficient readers. In this workshop, we’ll explore the research findings and how they apply to the public library, then create practical strategies for fostering a love of reading and helping kids develop the skills they need. Don’t panic — this workshop is NOT about teaching kids to read. It IS about the very heart and soul of what we do as children’s librarians and parents: bringing kids and books together in meaningful ways. Be ready to think outside the box — we all may need to accept some new roles and acquire some new skills in pursuit of that goal!
Before the Skills: Motivating Readers Workshop
Motivation leads to skill development which leads to student achievement; without motivation, children simply don’t learn. We will look at why motivation needs to be a priority, how it can be achieved, and ways that teachers, parents and librarians can collaborate towards that goal. In the process, brain-based research relative to why and how to achieve motivation will be discussed. We will provide theory, inspiration and practical applications.