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These programs are audience-tested and ready to go! 

Sherry & Bobby — Together
Bobby's inspiring historically-based performances provide the point of entry for Sherry's curriculum-based student workshops. More…
Feathers, Fins, Fangs & Fur!
Fascinating creatures of land, sea, and air slither, scurry, and hop through adventures and misadventures. More…
Here There Be Dragons
and ogres, wizards, heros and heroines. More…
The Moral of the Story: Folktales for Character Development
Throughout history, traditional cultures have recognized the role of storytelling in teaching values to children. Yet existing curricula indicates most educators have not fully capitalized on the connection between storytelling, folktales, and character education. The Moral of the Story provides a user-friendly, hands-on approach to using storytelling and folktales in character education. In addition to providing a rationale for this approach, the Norfolks include twelve stories that are fun, time- and audience-tested, and accessible to a wide range of listeners, from preschool to high school. Each tale is followed by suggested activities or informal lesson plans for extending and enhancing the character education experience. Extensive bibliographies lead the reader to additional sources of folktales suitable for such curricula. The Moral of the Story, based upon the book by Bobby and Sherry, shows that, through the use of folktales and storytelling, character education can be fun, enjoyable, and non-didactic and remarkably effective.