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  • Jan Dolan, Booking Agent - Folktale Productions
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  • Phone:314-968-2606
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School Assembly Programs 

Sherry Norfolk captures the imagination of your students with her magical storytelling skills. Even the child who had to be moved off to the side before the performance is captivated and coaxed into attentive behavior as she spins her tales. She brings children along into a whole new world of laughter and intrigue and natural participation where they just can't help but join in. Sowing the seeds for imagination and learning, Sherry Norfolk is a true gift to your children!

Programs will be designed for specific themes such as holidays, Black History, and specific curriculums. Special programs are available for children with disabilities or those who speak English as a Second Language. Contact Sherry to arrange special programs to meet your needs.

Sherry also offers a number of programs that are booked in metro Atlanta, GA, through Young Audiences, Woodruff Arts Center: