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Workshops for Students, Parents, and Teachers 


Be an Instant Storyteller!

Students are immersed in the art and process of storytelling! They will hear stories being told, create their own stories, and immediately tell their new story to a classmate! An excellent way to kick off a creative writing unit or to positively impact oral language skills. Grades: 3 and up


Tell'n'tales is a fast-paced, participatory workshop which employs multiple learning modes such as verbal response, physical response, singing, dancing and problem-solving to facilitate successful learning and telling of tales. Children learn and re-tell a folktale in their own words, enhancing oral language, sequencing and conceptualization skills. Grades: preK - 2


Raising Readers: Motivating Children to Read

...for parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to develop children into lifelong learners. Dynamic presentation includes hands-on exploration of successful reading-aloud for all ages.

Family Literacy Programs are also available.


Find out how storytelling can be a power tool for educatorsthrough Sherry's extensive menu of staff development workshops for Classroom Teachers!