Annette Harrison - Community and Educational Storytelling Programs

Annette Harrison

Living History Storytelling

Annette combines her love of history and storytelling in her blockbuster History Tellings.  Her stories bring Missouri and American history alive!

Character Education, Multicultural, Environmental, and More!

Stories teach, touch our emotions and help us understand our world. Here are some of the many programs that reflect this philosophy:

After School Storytelling Programs

Annette's afterschool storytelling programs are designed to build community among the students. She generates excitement, awareness and the joy of working together!

CELEBRATE MISSOURI: Stories that Make Missouri Unique

Annette will weave together stories to bring alive the unique history of Missouri. You can chose to visit the 1904 World's Fair, take part in an Orphan Trains adventure, float along the Mississippi River and meet Mark Twain or learn about the founding of St Louis. This program will make you proud to be a Missourian!

Animal Folktales and Fables

Annette will share folk tales, fables and fabulous literary tales that will make us laugh out loud and also stop and think. The animals are our teachers in this lively, interactive presentation. (Grades PK - 5th)

Be All That You Can Be

Life is full of choices! Stories relate characters making choices, solving problems and living with the consequences. This energetic, interactive Character Education program addresses responsibility, respect, honesty, compassion and peaceful problem solving. The stories will encourage the listeners to BE ALL THAT YOU CAN
(Grades K - 5th)

Leaping Literacy!

Annette will share stories from the different literary genres. She will choose age appropriate stories from her large repertoire of myths, legends, folktales, literary tales and historical fiction. Along the way the listeners will meet musical snakes, unhappy kings, talking giant caterpillars and much, much more! This high energy, interactive romp through literature has a strong emphasis on reading. Laughing, chanting and singing are encouraged on this journey through stories. (Grades K - 5th)

A Celebration of the Earth

Did you ever stop to think that every breath you take is shared with the animals, trees, plants and insects? This high energy, fun-filled presentation is a storytelling tribute to all our fellow inhabitants of this great earth. Annette's stories will help us rejoice in our environment and at the same time reflect on ways to rejuvenate and conserve it. (Grades K - 5th)

From the Inside Out: Multicultural Tales

Where would you like to go? Africa ...Asia ...Europe ...Middle East... somewhere in America? You pick the place and the stories will take us there. We will enjoy the wit and wisdom of the worldwise folk. Stories help us understand cultures FROM THE INSIDE OUT. (Grades K-5th)

Bullies, Bullies Everywhere!

Annette skillfully portrays many characters in this humorous fast-paced storytelling program that explores the age-old Bully problem. A blend of old and new stories help the listeners understand the victim's plight and offer ways to diffuse the power of the Bullies! (Grades K-6th)

Kindness is Catching!

These carefully chosen stories reinforce, nurture and encourage kind and compassionate behavior. The stories help the listeners learn that small kindness really make a difference in the lives of others. This interactive, high energy presentation may lead to an outbreak of kindness! (Grades K-5th)

Back to the Fairytales

In her warm, engaging and interactive style, Annette will share these wonderful old tried and true fairytales. Audiences will laugh with the silly princesses in the Princess and the Pea, rejoice in the victories of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunsel, and many of the other characters who overcome all odds. And everyone will enjoy and learn from these wise tales. It will be a wild romp through Fairyland! (Grades K - 3rd)

Stories Along the River

This is participatory storytelling at its best! The performance will include the whitewashing scene from Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer, silly Ozark tales, and a scary Mississippi River Indian legend. Come ready to have fun! (Grades K - 5th)

Storytelling à la Matisse

This workshop combines storytelling with the visual arts by using "language and Image" to create a Matisse-like cutout collage. After listening to the stories the students work together to create a masterpiece!

Language & Laughter

Annette gets participants telling stories instantly! Through language, games, and music, Annette works her storytelling magic.