Annette Harrison - Storytelling Programs for Preschool Aged Children

Annette Harrison

Shows Especially for the Young Ones

Young children learn through play.They also learn by listening and internalizing stories. This dynamite combination—Annette calls it “storyplaying”—is the basis for the following programs:

Animal Folktales and Fables

Annette will share folk tales, fables and fabulous literary tales that will make us laugh out loud and also stop and think. The animals are our teachers in this lively, interactive presentation. (Grades PK - 2nd.)

Bugs and Butterflies

Children fly, sing, and dance as they “act out” caterpillar, spider, and butterfly stories. Perfect for Spring! (Grades PK - 2nd.)

The Cat's Meow: Storytelling to Crow about!

This is interactive storytelling at its best! We will meow, crow, neigh and sing as we meet a barnyard full of animals. The animals become our teachers as the stories unfold, encouraging reading and making good choices. Come ready to giggle and wiggle! (Grades PK - 2nd.)

A Celebration of Silly Stories

If your children like to giggle, bark, cluck and sing, this is the program for you! Annette's playfulness and high-energy make this very popular with the young ones. (Grades PK - 2nd.)

Kindness is Catching!

These stories reinforce, nurture and encourage kind and compassionate behavior. (Grades PK - 2nd.)

Princess Tales

Annette transforms into a second grader, teachers become princesses, and children breathe dragon fire. (Grades PK - 2nd.)

Stories Rock!

This is a wild celebration of books, language, music and stories! Come ready to listen to stories, Play music, and sing! The children play musical instruments, Annette tells the stories and everyone agrees that stories rock! (Grades PK - 2nd.)