Annette Harrison - Jewish Storytelling Programs

Annette Harrison

Annette believes that her rich Jewish heritage can be passed from generation to generation through stories.

In the Jewish tradition stories have always been told to teach and celebrate life! Here are some offerings to continue that tradition:

A Tapestry of Jewish Tales

Folklore and personal stories combine to bring stories with the wisdom and humor of the Jewish people. This high energy, participatory storytelling can be enjoyed all year round by audiences of all ages. (All ages.)

Jewish Stories Just for Fun

This interactive, fun-filled program is made up of stories from folklore, holiday stories, literary tales and much, much more! We will sing, giggle, cluck, hiss and snore our way through the stories. It will be lots of storytelling FUN! (Grades PreK-2nd)

The Joy of Shabbat

This is a medley of stories to celebrate Shabbat and also help us reflect on its true meaning. We will meet Kings, Queens, Grandmas, challahs and noodle soup along the way. (Grades preK-6th)

New Beginnings: Stories for the High Holidays

This participatory storytelling program will help the students reflect on the past year and celebrate the new year. There will be stories on forgiveness, kindness and searching for God. (Grades K-6th)

Humorous Hanukkah Happenings

Come celebrate Hanukkah with a dog named Potato Latke, real potato latkes made from a crust of bread, Hanukkah Goblins and who knows what else? These stories are filled with chants, songs and adventure! (Grades K-6th)

The Woody Wonders of the World: Tu B' Shevat Stories

This is a joyful celebration of the New Year of the trees! The stories will honor the woody wonders and encourage ecological awareness. (Grades preK-6th)

A Purim Frolic

What's a Purim party without the story of Esther? With the help of the teachers, the children and a few props, we will create INSTANT PURIM STORYTELLING THEATER! (All ages)

A Story! A Story! Grandma has a Story!

Sophie and her Grandma are preparing for Passover and each of the symbols of Passover reminds her of a story. The search for chametz, the making of charoset, the boiling of eggs and the bitter herbs all evoke stories. (Grades preK-2nd)

Sharing Shavuot Stories

So many stories to pick from! There are Spring stories, stories to help us understand the Ten Commandments, the story of Ruth and many more! This variety packed program entertains and teaches at the same time. (Grades preK-6th)